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Biogasclean MBR (patent pending): 

  • The MBR (Moving Bed Reactor) is especially developed for biogas produced from waste waters with high organic loads (>130,000 mg/l COD) where the biogas has high H2S loads (10,000-30,000 ppm) in combination with low calorific values (50-55% CH4).
  • Gas bubbles through liquid with MBR media. The raw biogas is – after injection of air - bubbled through the liquid containing the high-surface MBR media.
  • H2S oxidized to elemental sulfur. Due to the continuously agitation of the liquid from the gas flow and the spray system the sulfur flakes float in the liquid until they are discharged with the effluent from the MBR tanks.
  • MBR versus biological and chemical scrubbers. Lowest CAPEX and OPEX of any H2S removal technologies for biogas produced on molasses ethanol wastewater.​

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