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Biogasclean has the optimal solution for your biogas plant

Biogasclean is specialized in biological desulfurization of biogas without the use of chemicals. We develop, manufacture and market fully automated gas cleaning systems for H2S removal with low operating costs and high availability. Our company has a solid track record. By the end of 2015 we have 180 plants in operation or under construction in 38 countries and supplies clean gas to more than 440 MW gas engines.

Biogasclean supplies a full range of biological H2S removal systems; choose between four different types. >> additional information

The H2S removal process is 100% biological and operating costs are 80-90% lower than chemical gas cleaning systems. The availability is above 98%. The only residue from the process is a valuable fertilizer which is recycled. The MUW® system gives ultra-low operating costs. >> additional information

The QSR® system makes it possible to clean the tank without emptying it for packing media. It is a unique assurance against costly interruptions of production. >> additional information

​Green Lagoon Technology has installed Biogasclean at 2 projects in Malaysia

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Biogasclean A/S • Egelundsvej 18 • DK-5260 Odense S • Denmark • T +45 6617 2177

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